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Peregrine Art
Wildlife Art by Andy Taylor

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I was born in East Grand Rapids, Michigan.  From my earliest memories, art has always been a major part of my life.  I was fortunate that my parents were supportive of my initial enthusiasm.  They also encouraged my inquisitive nature and love of the outdoors.  My earliest subjects began with cartoons, dinosaurs, and, of course, animals!  Being largely self-taught, I worked primarily in graphite and pen & ink until I was a young adult.

My professional art career took a slight detour as I embarked on a twenty year career in the United States Navy.  Although my free time was limited and the locations made it challenging, I began to focus my raw talents towards a concerted vision: wildlife art.  I enrolled in several college courses and professional workshops to help accelerate my skills in painting in oils.  Throughout this time, I also traveled the world, recording my experiences in sketchbooks and on film.  Some of my earlier artwork was exhibited in several galleries in Florida and Alabama while I was stationed in Pensacola.

After my naval career, I’ve split time between Naples, Florida and Jackson, Wyoming in pursuit of animals, art, and adventure.

What’s in a name?

Peregrine - adjective


foreign; alien; coming from abroad.


wandering, traveling, or migrating.

When I picked my business moniker, I wanted a word that embodied both my subject matter and style of art: something that’s exotic; something that’s mobile and on the move.  The word “peregrine” was a natural fit.

Artist Statement